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This week we focused on the coming holiday shopping season. Don't look now -- there are just 39 days to Christmas. We've compiled a variety of stories about the trends that will be impacting retailers this season.

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News ⚡️ (4)

From Virtual Cart to Your Front Doorstep: A Human Side To Internet Orders | Via: New York Times

Where vast manufacturing warehouses once stood, new digital commerce is rising. From Bullitt County, Kentucky to Kenosha, Wisconsin, The New York Times looks at the human side of our internet eCommerce orders, and the people who help move your packages from virtual shopping cart to doorstep.

8 Tips to Building Happiness For Your Employees | Via: Branch Messenger Blog

Your employees are a conduit to your ultimate success. Being transparent about your corporate goals, objectives, and mission helps make it clear the work that needs to be accomplished. And, it also builds happiness and trust with your employees. That couldn’t happen at a more important time.

Now Hiring: Retailers Near You | Via: USA Today

From Amazon to Wal Mart, retailers are gearing up for a busy holiday season and are actively recruiting for the biggest batch of seasonal employees -- nearly 12,000 employees, an 11 percent jump from last year.

Holiday Trend$ Indicate Increased Expectations | Via: Branch Messenger Blog

Major American retailers are jockeying for their piece of a $655 billion holiday shopping season, where the average American is poised to spend $683. And by all accounts, expectations remain positive heading into the middle of November.

Heard Around The Web 💬 (2)

Rise of the Robots? | Via: Vox

We can't talk about the future of work without talking about automation and robotics. While it verges on the fringe of science fiction, there are questions about the impacts robots will have in entire industries from manufacturing to retail. Vox explores the topic and whether the answer is a universal basic income in the first episode of "Shift Change."

Forgotten, but far from Gone | Via: Retail Dive

Amazon gets blamed for disrupting many aspects of the retail universe. But, stroll through any mall or shopping center and you're likely to find a host of stores that seem almost unbeatable. These are the pillars and mainstays of the retail world. With a blend of adaptability, consumer and vertical fit, and name recognition, these stores continue to hold on stronger than ever. How many do you recognize?