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Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at here at Shiftonomics, we want to wish you and your family a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to a bonus Turkey-day edition of Shiftonomics!

Before the rush of Thanksgiving and the inevitable shopping craziness that follows, we wanted to share some articles that highlight the milestone retail holidays that impact all of us, whether you manage a crew of team members or man the frontline cash register.

Whether you shop big at big box stores the day after Thanksgiving or support local retailers on Small Business Saturday, we picked an article to represent each of the major shopping dates coming between now and Christmas.

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When Consumers Plan to Shop on Thanksgiving Weekend | Via: CNBC

Just when will consumers start flooding the aisles (and intertubes) in search of the great holiday deal? This year, nearly 70 percent of all Americans will do their holiday shopping over the coming holiday weekend. That's more than 164 million people. CNBC has a great article that breaks down the shopping days and even profiles the peak hours for shopping.

What Retailers Are Open on Thanksgiving? | Via: Washington Post

Before the tryptophan hits, some American retailers will already be opening their doors to kick off the 2017 holiday shopping season. So, what stores will be open on Thanksgiving and what are the hours on Friday? Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, Dollar General, and Kmart highlight the first retailers to open bright and early...Thursday. Of course, every big box store will be sending many of their deals to consumers no matter where they are, online. The Washington Post has a solid rundown.

Shopping Small on Saturday | Via: National Retail Federation

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get the majority of headlines, Small Business Saturday continues to bring focus to our nation's small, independent retailers. According to an October survey from the National Retail Foundation, nearly a quarter of holiday shoppers plan to do their holiday shopping at local and small businesses. The influx of shoppers and dollars spent on Main Street should help boost the 98 percent of American retailers with 50 or fewer employees.

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Where's the Deals? | Via: Money Crashers

If you're looking for a rundown of all the best shopping deals, look no further than this list compiled by Money Crashers. From electronics to toys, they've got you covered. It's one of the best lists we've seen this year.

Origins of Black Friday | Via: The Balance

Just how did Black Friday come to be? Turns out, it has a long and storied history involving Congress, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Philadelphia Police Department. The Balance provides an interesting and historic look at how Black Friday got its start.