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Today, we’re announcing the launch of a newsletter that will cover all the stories about the future of work as they relate to the industries that matter to us -- everything from manufacturing to retail. Our editorial team will be combing the web to find these stories, as well as writing our own. Every two weeks, we will package our favorites and send them to you in an effort to ensure you’re up to date on the dynamic, ever-changing world of shift work in America and the globe.

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The United States Lost 33,000 Jobs in Wake of Hurricanes | Via: The New York Times

The September Labor Department report shows that the United States lost 33,000 jobs -- mainly as a result of two historic, unprecedented hurricanes that have impacted Texas and Florida. The Leisure and Hospitality industry absorbed the biggest hit, losing 111,000 jobs mostly related to the closure of hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots. Regardless of the report, the outlook for the future looks good. “The numbers were certainly blown around a lot by the storms,” said Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist for Northern Trust. “The interruptions created in the hurricane regions were seen in leisure and hospitality especially, which had a huge decline.”

Knock, Knock. It's Amazon. | Via: Bloomberg

Today, Amazon relies on external shippers like FedEx and UPS to deliver your goods. That may soon change as Amazon looks to test its own shipping program that will reduce their reliance on shipping they cannot control and further integrate their logistical chain.

Staying Connected During Challenging Times | Via: Branch Messenger Blog

Hurricane Irma tested many hourly workers across Florida. For one manager at a Tampa Pizza Hut, a scheduling app was able to help keep the team in constant contact before, during, and after the hurricane.

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Meet America's Senior Hourly Workers | Via: Washington Post

The American workforce is getting older. Recent economic downturns and recessions have hit our older generation hard, sapping savings earmarked for retirement. As nearly 9 million senior citizens head to work, the Washington Post examines the work they are taking out of necessity.

Increase Employee Retention Through Performance Reviews | Via: HR Dive

It’s important to engage those workers who are at the front line of the customer experience, even if they earn the least within the company. One way to do so is with performance evaluations.

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AI Will Create More Jobs Than It Kills | Via: Twitter

While artificial intelligence may eliminate many jobs, it is still on track to make up for that with even more new positions. In 2020, AI will have created 2.3 million jobs while eliminating only 1.8 million, according to an analysis from Gartner.

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