This past weekend, the Oracle of Omaha published his annual shareholder letter -- his much-anticipated thoughts on the state of financial and investing affairs. Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is in no hurry to retire just yet. But, that hasn’t prevented his investors from anxiously expecting him to draft a clear succession plan.

This week, we explore one of the decision-making tactics of his, and also look at some of the most in-demand jobs in the country. And, they're not quite what you think. From food prep to cashiers, these frontline, hourly roles are some of the most open roles in many states.

From retail to technology, here's the top stories we're reading this week:

🇺🇸 Jobs With Most Openings In Each State
🏔 Rock The Runway: Climber Wears North Face To Oscars
🚚 Home Depot Backs Crowdsourced Delivery Startup, Roadie
🎯 Target Launches Curated Third-Party Marketplace
🤔 Decision-Making Tactic Shared By Bezos, Obama, and Buffett
🎄 Retail Now Tackling Holiday Returns
🏋🏽 Workin' Out At...7-Eleven?
🍕 Domino's Bets Big On Delivery Drivers
👟 Foot Locker Invests In Online Kids Retailer, Rockets of Awesome
🛒 CostCo, Trader Joe's Top Consumers Favorites
🌿 Is Cannabis Retail's Bright Spot
📲 Caesar's Uses Mobile To Raise Hotel Guest Experience
🛒 AdTech Invading Physical Retailers

Top Stories From This Week

Jobs with the most openings in each U.S. state | Via: Yahoo Finance


  • Some jobs are growing, and specific gigs are in high demand, including food preparers and cashiers.

  • Food preparers had the most job openings in 20 different states, including Utah, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.
    Cashiers are also in need across the country. There are 16 states most in need of cashiers, such as Connecticut, Louisiana, Iowa, Arizona, and Delaware.

  • Many of these in-demand jobs don’t need any kind of formal education. They see a median annual salary of $21,030, which translates to about $10.11 an hour.

  • Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and projections from the government-backed Projections Managing Partnership (PMP), Yahoo Finance put together a map of the jobs with the most openings in 2019: Food industry workers are in demand.

  • “We’ve got to pay professional drivers what they’re worth to continue attracting the best,” Brian Fielkow, CEO of transportation company Jetco, previously told Yahoo Finance.

Rockin' the Runway: Honnold Wears The North Face Tuxedo to Oscars | Via:


  • The North Face’s one-off bespoke tuxedo wore ‘Free Solo’ star Alex Honnold to a victorious evening at the 91st Academy Awards.

  • 'Free Solo,' starring Alex Honnold and directed by Jimmy Chin and E. Chai Vasarhelyi, won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 91st academy awards.

  • The single-button penguin suit was designed by TNF design manager, Mona Al-Shaalan as an extension of the brand’s Black Series lifestyle line.

Home Depot backs crowdsourced delivery startup Roadie | Via:

  • The Home Depot is committed to building the fastest, most efficient supply chain in home improvement, and our customers have made it clear that same-day or next-day deliveries to their homes and jobsites are a critical part of that," Mark Holifield, EVP of supply chain for Home Depot, said in a statement.

  • Roadie drivers have a variety of vehicles, especially since Roadie offers pickups to drivers already at or near Home Depot stores.

  • Distance is a particularly salient issue in the space as long driving distances are one of that factors that reportedly made a Delivery relationship with Walmart untenable for Roadie competitor Deliv.

Target announces launch of its curated, third-party marketplace, Target+ | Via:

  • Target announced Target+, a new initiative designed to expand the assortment on Target.Com with merchandise from third-party sellers.

  • Offering only a curated selection means Target+ won’t face the same struggles as other retailers when it comes to policing their third-party marketplaces for offensive content — like the racist merchandise found on Amazon, for instance; the toilet seat covers featuring holy text; politically charged and controversial apparel; and other items.

  • In addition, shoppers will have the same perks when buying from third parties as they do when buying from Target’s own assortment, including 5 percent off when using their Target REDcard, free shipping and in-store returns.

  • Before Target+, a portion of Target’s assortment was shipped directly from third-party vendors, but guests were purchasing the items from Target.

Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Barack Obama all use this decision-making strategy | Via:

  • Jeff Bezos has a lot of important decisions to make between his jobs running Amazon and aerospace company Blue Origin to the many other companies and assets in which he invests his massive $133 billion fortune.

  • Bezos even tries to block off time each day when he'll make his most important decisions, and he doesn't like saving a big decision for the end of the day, when he's more likely to be mentally exhausted.

  • Making a decision at the end of the day, versus waiting for tomorrow, might not be the time saved "if the quality of those decisions might be lower because you're tired or grouchy," Bezos said.

  • Of course, Bezos and Buffett aren't the only leaders to try to avoid decision fatigue that can reduce the effectiveness of their decisions as the day wears on.

Retail Now Able To Tackle The $90 Billion Holiday Returns Through Technology | Via:

  • Online sales are still only around 10% of total commerce, but are growing at a rapid pace. RBC Capital predicts Online sales to account for 24 percent of total sales by 2027.

  • With many retailers following Amazon’s footsteps over the past few years to accommodate this new norm, consumers now expect that all purchases made online will include not just fast delivery, but also free shipping and returns.

  • This drives return rates that are already four times higher for online purchases than for physical store purchases, and a major cost item and headache year-round for retailers.

  • The good news is that technology can help, and many retailers are now investing in new solutions that not only help to boost conversion but also help mitigate returns.

  • Here are three types of retail technology solutions to help reduce returns and provide customers with an interactive, personal experience before the purchase, helping them chose the right fit, size, and style before they purchase, minimizing the need for returns or exchanges: Augmented Reality (AR): AR technology, for example, those embedded in digital apps such as Lowe’s or Houzz can help ease the shopping experience and increase conversion, but also reduce costly returns.

A 7-Eleven Where You Can Work Out? Why Retailers May Want To Study Taiwan's Convenience Stores | Via:


  • Increasingly convenience stores in Taiwan feature seating to attract and keep customers. And, famously, an array of snacks, beverages, rice balls, sandwiches that pair nicely with your cup of latte, cold brew or pearl tapioca bubble tea.

  • Looking for more? There’s also hot baked sweet potatoes, pork buns, freshly baked pastries, tea eggs or oden soup with dozens of items -- fishcakes, turnip, stewed tofu and veggies, for instance-- for you to pick from to add to your broth.

  • While eating those meals is nothing compared to enjoying freshly cooked food at restaurants or streets in Taiwan, a food haven, there was a reason why the 7-Eleven in Taiwan was called by some as the world's largest convenience store chain's own “food heaven."

  • The most recent government data showed Taiwan had the second highest convenience store density in the world as of 2017.

  • As of December, there were nearly 5,400 mostly franchised 7-Elevens in Taiwan, It holds a perpetual license from the 7-Eleven in the U.S. and is a unit of Taiwan's President Chain Store Corp. Top rival Familymart, introduced from Japan in 1988, has nearly 3,350 locations in Taiwan, according to company website.

Domino's Bets Big on Delivery Drivers | Via:


  • The company’s same-store sales increased 5.6 percent, which fell below analysts’ predictions of 6.9 percent growth for the quarter.

  • Domino’s system-wide revenues rose $190 million or 21 percent, year over year, to $1.08 billion, which was lower than analysts’ expectation of $1.1 billion.

  • Domino’s chief executive officer Ritch Allison is proud of the healthy results of the last quarter, which marked the 31st consecutive quarter of positive U.S. same-store sales growth.

  • "Of course, the shorter the distance, the shorter the drive time, getting that driver out from the store to the customer and back to the store, the lower the labor costs for that specific delivery.

  • Since the app launched three years ago, it has grown to 20 million active users.

Foot Locker is investing $12.5 million in kids' clothing company Rockets of Awesome—the latest in a string of deals | Via:

  • Foot Locker is investing $12.5 million in kids' clothing company Rockets of Awesome—the latest in a string of deals Foot Locker has made a string of investments in online retailers.

  • Rockets of Awesome was founded by Rachel Blumenthal, a parent who had frustration finding kids well-designed clothes for her children in a market with limited design choices and an increased turnover due to the time kids had to wear clothes as they grow. Today, it's considered a Trunk Club or StitchFix for kids.

  • The investment will see the two companies entering into a partnership, which involves Kids Foot Locker creating exclusive Rockets of Awesome in-store destinations where its customers can buy Rockets of Awesome products in the U.S. It will also begin to sell Rockets of Awesome merchandise on its website,

Caesars Looks to Mobile Tech to Raise the Hotel Guest Experience | Via:

  • In the past three months, Caesars has been testing mobile ordering technology for food at eight properties nationwide, including the Linq in Las Vegas.

  • The company is letting guests order food at designated locations around their properties that are public areas, such as lobbies and poolside decks, but that aren’t restaurants or casino floors.

  • Runtriz, a Los Angeles-based vendor that provides hotels with mobile guest services, powers the tool.

  • Many hotels are experimenting with this hybrid communication approach, using chatbots to communicate with guests.

  • For example, the Caesars mobile app uses OpenTable to power the reservations for its restaurants and uses Ticketmaster to handle ticket sales, but the data from each isn’t used well by the company to better understand its customers.

Cannabis may be retail's brightest spot in 2019 | Via: Yahoo Finance


  • Seeing green: This year, the cannabis industry is responsible for the employment of 121,000 full-time U.S. workers and 50,000 indirect full-time workers, up from 89,500 direct full-time workers in 2016. That number is expected to reach 291,500 direct full-time jobs by 2021, for a total employment impact of around 414,000.

  • In 2018, total cannabis spending at U.S. dispensaries including medical and retail purchases reached $10.5 billion, according to cannabis research firm BDS Analytics.

  • Typically, bud tenders, the people working the front line at the dispensaries, are making about $12 to $15 an hour, which is fairly in line with retail, maybe a little bit better,” Greg Shoenfeld, BDS’s Vice President of Operations, told Yahoo Finance.

  • Recreational marijuana is currently legal in ten U.S. states — Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, Alaska, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan — and Washington D.C.

  • Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, and in Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico.

How Ad-Tech Is Invading Physical Retail Spaces | Via:

  • Just as brands have long been able to target consumers online with cookies, retailers are now experimenting with their own form of tracking technology
    Grocery chain Kroger is one retailer experimenting with the technology.

  • In two new pilot stores, however, Kroger is selling on-shelf ad space to brands that will be able to target customers using demographics gleaned from video analytics.

  • So called smart shelves will enable retailers and brands to speak to consumers as they shop.

Survey: Costco, Trader Joe's are best retailers of 2018 | Via:


  • A new consumer survey shows America's love affair with Trader Joe's and Costco continues, but overall customer satisfaction was down last year.

  • The latest American customer satisfaction Index survey ranked the best and worst retailers of 2018 asked more than 62,000 consumers to choose favorite department and discount stores, specialty retailers, supermarkets and e-retailers, among others.