We were honored to be listed by CB Insights this year as a startup transforming brick-and-mortar retail. We wanted to follow-up to their blog post with a post of our own illustrating how Branch could be used in conjunction with a few of the other startups that were included in the CB Insights infographic.

We will start with a guest Wi-Fi solution called SOCIFI.


SOCIFI offers a great Wi-Fi management solution for retail stores. Instead of relying on their cell phone’s data network to access Branch while at work, your employees can access Wi-Fi for a faster, more reliable internet connection.


SOCIFI allows you to gain more insights about your foot traffic. This can help you determine if more shifts should be added via Branch when foot traffic is higher than anticipated or if you should offer voluntary time off via Branch when foot traffic is lower than anticipated.


SOCIFI can also help you determine where to strategically place sales associates by showing you popular areas in the store. You can then message associates via Branch to instruct them to go to those areas of the store to assist customers. Learn more about Wi-Fi for venues from SOCIFI here.

The second technology we think Branch could work well with for retailers is Tally from Simbe Robotics, which is an in-store bot.


Simbe Robotics sells the world’s first fully-autonomous shelf auditing and analytics robot named Tally. Normally a mundane, repetitive task for store associates, Tally does the work of auditing shelves during normal store hours for out-of-stock items, low stock items, misplaced items, and pricing errors.


If used in conjunction with Branch, once Tally has audited a shelf and an employee (most likely a manager) determines a restock or fix needs to occur, associates can receive a message via Branch to complete the task. Additional shifts can be offered via Branch as well if, for example, additional employees are needed to stock before the store opens. Learn more about Tally from Simbe Robotics here.

Third is Shelfbucks, an in-store merchandising technology.


Shelfbucks enables retailers to measure, manage, and improve the effectiveness of in-store product merchandising programs.


Sensors are hidden in displays before they are distributed to stores. Once a display arrives to a store, Shelfbucks detects it. They also detect when a display is moved to the selling floor. Unique content can be pushed to shoppers when they are close to the display. This is where Branch comes into play. A message including a picture can be sent via Branch to store associates to notify them of the new display and a description of the content that will be delivered to shoppers when they engage with the display can be provided. For employees, this increases awareness of the new shopping experience that has entered their store and how important it is to keep the display stocked in order to maximize effectiveness of the initiative. Learn more about Shelfbucks here.

By using Branch along with another technology that supports your store, you can truly transform the way you communicate with your store employees. We have helped our customers integrate with many other technologies. If you have a technology in mind that you would like to integrate Branch with, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear the technologies you are using Branch with in the comments below.