With the influx of seasonal workers for the summer months, businesses should keep in mind the importance of making these workers feel like they are part of the team, even if they will only be around for a few months, initially. Remember, the cost to hire a seasonal worker is oftentimes equivalent to a standard shift worker. Seasonal workers have the tendency to come back during other times of the year or the same time the following year. With that in mind, it is important that seasonal workers are treated equally because ultimately you would like them to come back and work for you again so that you can save on costs to hire brand new seasonal workers. These workers who make a return should feel welcome each and every time they come back. They are a crucial part of the team in that they help to accommodate for the increase in traffic the season brings. It is important they feel like they are valuable team members.

Here are 3 ways to make seasonal feel like they are part of the team:

  1. Add them to team communication channels

Opening up the lines of communication with seasonal workers allows them to have visibility into what is going on with the company and chat with their coworkers. They are sure to have a lot of questions, and being able to use a platform that makes it easy to quickly get answers helps these workers to not feel like they are constantly bothering people with questions.

How Branch helps:

Message without texts or email - reach your coworkers at any time without exchanging phone numbers.

  1. Allow them to pick up hours and swap shifts, just like other shift workers in the company (up to their maximum hours, of course)

Seasonal workers should be able to see the schedule and have the ability to help their team by filling shifts. They should also be given the same luxury their co workers receive of being able to swap a shift because we all have unavoidable things come up once in a while. Seasonal workers shouldn’t be held to stricter standards as other workers. They will feel equally as valued in the company if they are given the same privileges.

How Branch helps:

On-demand shift coverage - broadcast open shifts and get them filled instantly with full or partial coverage.
Required approvals for shift or time off coverage - add a setting so that any shift changes made by employees require Manager approval.

  1. Give them access to the same training materials as other shift workers

Just because a seasonal worker is only with the company for a short period of time, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know how to do all of the things other workers know how to do or at least be able to quickly figure out how to do something if required. Customers will still have the same questions. They should be prepared to answer their questions as best they can following company protocols. The customer experience is too important not to fully-train seasonal workers or give them access to information they might need in order to do their job effectively. All workers don’t like the feeling of being unprepared or underprepared to do their jobs. Empower seasonal workers to do the best they can.

How Branch helps:

AI chatbots answer questions in real-time - Bots continue to learn from conversations managing service ticket requests or employee training.

It is important that seasonal workers have the best tools your company has to offer while they are there, so that they feel equally as important in the company. Having access to these tools right away makes it even easier to bring them back on board if they decide to come back the following season. Great first experience for them = reduction in costs to hire new seasonal workers for you when they decide to return.