Every two weeks, for the past nine months, our editorial team has curated the best stories that shape the world of retail, work and technology.

For those that have stuck around since the beginning, that's more than 22 bi-weekly newsletters. In that time, we have found hundreds of stories about automation, fast food, grocery stores, manufacturing, retail, robotics, the future of malls, and of course, the behemoth that connects to most every headline we curate -- Amazon. Every day brings us more and more stories that not only shape the work we do, but also impact the work that you do, too.

If there's one thing that we've learned in curating this newsletter, it's that two weeks is simply too long to select the best and most topical stories that impact the work that you do. We've left too many important stories on the cutting room floor.

That's why we're changing up our format.

Shifting Gears: Our New Format

Starting today, Shiftonomics is going to be appearing in your inbox once every week. Each Tuesday, at 11am CST, we'll send out the latest and most newsworthy stories we can find.

Why 11am? If you take a look at our Shiftonomics logo, you'll notice that the little leafs are positioned perfectly at 11 o'clock. Going forward, that's when our newsletter will be delivered to your inbox.

Newsletters are one of the most trusted channels to deliver news and updates. We take that seriously are we're honored that you've chosen to subscribe to our newsletter and join the growing Shiftonomics family. We want to provide the most value out of this newsletter as possible.

We can't wait to share the best stories about the world of work and retail with you each week!

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