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Introducing Branch Assist

Over the course of the past year, we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of employees track their schedules, swap shifts, and communicate with colleagues and managers.

We’re making a commitment to provide effective, intuitive, and simple self-service offerings to employees and management geared specifically to industries like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and call centers. These verticals represent more than 78 million American employees--many of them hourly workers.

Today, we’re super excited to unveil the next chapter: Branch Assist.

Branch Assist is our on-site self-service solution that allows your employees to clock in, check their upcoming schedules, track and trade shifts, and request time off. This product is valuable for organizations or teams that are not mobile-dependent or for environments where employee devices are limited or not allowed.

Branch Assist creates a unique, dedicated spot for all your employees to manage their schedules.

Introducing Branch Assist

We’ve chosen a really interesting time and place to make this announcement -- Shop.org 2017.

Thousands of people are currently descending on the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual digital retail conference formerly known as Retail’s Digital Summit. Google, theSkimm, and Walt Disney are just a few of the brands, companies, and influencers in the world of retail that will gather here to discuss the state of the industry and the upcoming trends that will be changing the face of retail this year. Already this morning, Tyra Banks gave an opening keynote about leaning into your inner entrepreneur. Later in the conference, former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is set to make an appearance.

In an industry that moves at the speed of our smartphones (and, of course, Amazon), many companies have invested in practices and strategies that are ushering eCommerce and digital retail forward. Much has been written about the future of retail, much of it largely negative, but it’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who are dedicated to investing and innovating in the world of digital commerce and retail marketing.

At Branch, our goal is to focus on transforming the world of work, and that starts with the critical drivers of retail success -- your employees.

Branch Assist Features

We’ve been successful deploying to employees because we’ve made Branch available where they are -- on the mobile devices they tap into every day.

But, we realized that there are large segments of employees who are unable to use their phones and mobile devices once they clock into work.

Whether it’s employee cell phone policies or an environment that prohibits the use of mobile devices, Branch Assist works because we deliver access to all the employee scheduling and management tools with a centrally-located tablet. Think of it as the time clock for the 21st Century.

Facial Recognition

One of the features of Branch Assist that we’re most excited about is facial recognition. Taking cues from Apple’s recent iPhone X debut that is replacing Touch ID login in favor of a facial recognition system powered by a new camera array, we’ve developed Branch Assist to provide access to your employee scheduling and self-service tools simply by knowing what they look like.

Our CEO, Atif Siddiqi shows you exactly what that looks like with this photo taken during a demo from the Tech Lab at Shop.org

Apple has spent a lot of time developing this feature and we believe that it is safe, reliable, and secure, especially when your employees will be using it in a limited fashion.

Other Branch Assist Features

In addition, Branch Assist also helps your staff quickly punch in and out and check their schedules in real-time.

Open Shift Coverage. Cover shifts, or swap shifts with changes synced in real-time.

Time Clock. With Branch Assist, your employees can clock in and out, meal in andout, or receive time card corrections.

Schedule Visibility. View updated schedule with changes after the schedule is published.

Time-off Requests. Submit time off requests for managers to approve.

Availability. Set availability for schedules or preferred open shift coverage.

Branch Real-Time Support. If you need help troubleshooting your Branch Assist, connect with a Branch team member via video for support

Connect with Branch

If you’d like to test drive Branch Assist to see if it’s right for your workplace, please reach out to us and schedule a demo.

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