Company: YMCA //
Industry: Health & Fitness // Employees: 60+ // Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The YMCA is a global not-for-profit social services organization dedicated to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. More than 2.1 million people visit the Y annually across 1,700 locations in Canada.

Celine Bautista is a Program Supervisor in aquatics at the YMCA in Mississauga. She has been with the Y for almost ten years, starting as a student. One of her main responsibilities is scheduling and making sure everything is covered.

Before using Branch, important emails she sent to workers ended up in their spam folders and were deleted along with their spam messages. There was no way to make sure a worker received and read a message. Now, she can see in Branch if a worker has viewed a message so she has more peace of mind that the important message was actually received and read.

Her favorite part of using Branch is tracking the swapping of shifts. Having Branch as “one hub” allows her to quickly get shifts covered without having to send a lot of emails. Before Branch, she didn’t know if someone had a shift covered until she got into work. Now she is able to see who is covering whom and approve or deny swaps.

The activity feed in Branch allows Celine and her team to have a communal space.

“We enjoy being able to post things in the activity feed. It has an Instagram feel to it.”

Celine and her team enjoys seeing when a new member of the team has joined Branch because everyone on the team doesn’t always get to meet each other. Branch gives employees who wouldn’t normally be able to communicate during their shift a way to connect.

When Celine is not in her center and someone needs to get information, she knows she can point people to it in Branch.

“Using Branch allows you to have information at the tip of your fingers.”

Celine believes both small and large organizations who use Branch will be able to save time on scheduling so that they can have more time to work on other things.