Tierra Jones is a technician at a Walgreens pharmacy in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been with the company since April this year. 12 employees use Branch at her location.

Her favorite part of Branch is the communication aspect.

“It doesn’t exclude pharmacy from the front-end. So when something is going on in the pharmacy, the front-end is going to know about it, too.”

She thinks Branch has been a good tool for keeping everyone up-to-date on customer service. “It reminds us what we have to do to help the store get better.”

Her store uses the group messaging and chat features on Branch.

“For example, if something is not cleaned properly, we just take a picture of it and make a comment to help us realize what we need to do every day to be better.”

Tierra appreciates the notifications she receives from Branch because they help her show up for her shift on time. “I really like how the app notifies me 2 hours before my shift. I can’t have an excuse of ‘oh, I forgot that I have to work today’. I don’t have to go look for the schedule because Branch will let me know.”


Overall, Tierra is really enjoying using Branch at Walgreens. “It’s helpful. It’s organized. It’s efficient.”

“If more businesses knew about Branch, it would be an effective way to have their business running smoothly - as far as scheduling and what needs to be done on a daily basis.”