The Week In Numbers

🐔 $9 billion - total sales generated by Chick-fil-A, the fast food restaurant that is predominantly in the Southeast, but is rapidly expanding.

🍁 $225,000 + ❤️ + 🥚+🥛 - The price being asked to buy a venerable country store and the heart and soul of Ripton, Vermont.

🚜 1,700 - The number of stores operated by Tractor Supply Co. This week, the company opened their 1,700th store in Mocksville, NC.

👟 46% - The percentage growth for sports footwear this year according to data from Euromonitor International. By comparison, the entire footwear market grew 13% .

💻 $113,000 - The median annual salary for a Data Scientist, which topped the list as the fastest-growing job in the United States, according to LinkedIn.

4% - On average, American companies offer women 4% less than men for the same role, with some offering women up to 45% less.

🚚 73% - the percent of small-business merchants actively considering joining marketplaces at Amazon or eBay, according to a survey by Big Commerce.

News ⚡️

💰Wage Inequality In Tech | Via: LinkedIn
New data is showing that the wage inequality in tech is not changing. According to research from Hired, Inc., they found that in the U.S. 63% of the time, men are offered higher salaries than women for the same role at the same company. On average, these companies offer women 4% less than men for the same role, with some offering women up to 45% less. These numbers haven’t budged since their 2017 report.

🐔Chick-fil-A Growth Fueled By Digital | Via: Buzzfeed
If you've ever rolled up to a Chick-fil-A, the iconic fast food restaurant that predominantly serves the American Southeast, you'll almost certainly notice the line of cars wrapped around the building -- day and night. Last year, the brand earned $9 billion in sales -- a number made even more staggering considering all of their stores are closed Sunday. Despite that, they rank seventh nationwide among fast-food chains in terms of sales, and are currently on track to become the third-largest in the next two years, behind McDonald’s and Starbucks. Famous for their warm hospitality and exceptional customer service, they've also seen massive sales fueled by the brand's early adoption to mobile technology by building consumer-facing apps that enable ordering via tablets and smartphones.

🚜 Tractor Supply Keeps On Truckin' | Via: Retail Dive
Tractor Supply Co. is passing a significant milestone this week. They're opening the doors to its 1,700th store on Saturday in Mocksville, NC. Today, the retailer has locations in 49 states and 28,000 employees. With the Mocksville location, Tractor Supply now runs 1,700 stores in 49 states in addition to the e-commerce site and has 28,000 employees nationwide. They plan to open 80 more stores in 2018 as part of a strategy to gain market share. In January, they reported record net annual sales of $7.26 billion.

The Big Idea 🤔

How Mobile Changes In-Store Experience | Via: Retail Dive

Early results from the Amazon Go store's first few months show that visitors flock to fresh food items like fruit and chicken banh mi sandwiches but are still hesitant of the grab-and-go system, Go executives announced at Shoptalk in March. But what's perhaps more compelling than the products Go offers is how Amazon is bridging mobile and brick-and-mortar retail through technology that's captured peoples' attentions. Now, marketers have questioned whether the concept will stick after the novelty wears off, while others ask: Will the Go model become the new gold standard for retail? What are the implications on how we shape the in-store experience?

👟 Inside The Sneaker Boom | Via: Retail Dive
While the footwear market as a whole grew only 13% in 2017, sports footwear grew by an astonishing 46%, according to data from Euromonitor International. That covers performance, outdoor and sports-inspired footwear, and those categories are poised to continue growing in the years to come. What's fueling the huge growth in the "sneaker boom?"

👔 Target Acquired: Rise Of The Micro-Brand? | Via: Medium
If you scroll through Instagram, you've probably noticed new and emerging brands showcasing the trendiest of clothes, active and outerwear. From shoes to jeans, small and nimble teams are quite effectively using efficient, hyper-targeted marketing through social channels (especially Instagram) combined with newer modes of manufacturing to push products to consumers. It's not unheard of that some of these brands are making north of $10 million in sales which led Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, to look into these emerging brands more.

On the flip side, some of these exact tactics are being used to the detriment of consumers. Recently, ReplyAll and The Atlantic reported on the profit-fueled goals of independent sellers who are using online social channels like Instagram and "drop-shipping" -- a way to sell product without ever touching it.

Rise Of Social Enterprise | Via: Josh Bersin, LinkedIn
We are living in a world of tremendous economic growth, technology revolution, yet also one of income inequality, contentious debate about nationalism, and lots of concerns about diversity, inclusion, fairness, and equity at work. Recently, Josh Bersin published research in Deloitte's Human Capital Trends 2018 that shows that all these topics are now coming together, and business leaders must address them in an integrated and strategic way.

Heard Around The Web 💬

💡Never Underestimate Your First Job | Via: New York Times
Your first job has a lot of value. Just ask the co-founder of Reddit who spent thousands of hours speaking to people at CompUSA and then worked his way from dishwasher to waiter at a pizza franchise. "I worked as a cook and dishwasher at Pizza Hut. Then I worked my way up to a waiter, where I learned basically everything I’ve ever needed to know about customer service." Alexis Ohanian Sr. recently talked about his first job and other insights with David Gelles of The New York Times.

📈 Fastest Growing Jobs In U.S. | Via: LinkedIn
AI. Automation. Skills gaps. Independent workers. These are four of the primary factors impacting a rapidly-changing workforce. Much of this change is paving the way for expanding job growth fueled by new verticals and opportunities. LinkedIn has analyzed data from the last five years, as well as some survey data, to identify which jobs and skills are on the rise, what they’re replacing, and what these trends indicate about the job market in the years to come. They found five of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States including:

  1. 🔬Data Scientist
  2. 💰Sales Development Representative
  3. 📈Customer Success Manager
  4. 💻Full Stack Developer
  5. 📝Marketing Content Manager.

🍁 Wanted: Vermont Town Searches For New Owners Of Town Store | Via: New York Times
Call it equal parts love letter and job posting. Up for sale is a country store located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. For $225,000, you can be the new owner of the Ripton Country Store, which has served the town of roughly 600 people since 1976. Now, the current owners -- Dick and Sue Collitt are retiring and the city would like new owners to keep its treasured local store up and running. According to the love letter/job ad published in the New York Times, "Because if you don’t have a store, you can’t really have a town. True, we live in an age when stores seem like relics. So far this year, thousands of big retail outlets have closed, including Toys “R” Us, as Americans shop online instead. It’s entirely possible that there’s almost no one left who thinks being a shopkeeper is a useful, fulfilling life. But it is, at least here."

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