Meet Tim Harmon, our featured General Manager from Taco Bell that is using Branch as a tool to not only track employee shift changes, but to motivate his employees in an interesting way.

Tim is a Manager that practices his belief that “a successful team is created by showing people how they can be successful.”

He’s using Branch Messenger as way to recognize performance on an individual and team basis. Branch has become an integral part of his Managerial arsenal that allows him to broadcast posts in the activity feed of reports on areas of improvement with real-time feedback in the comments section from employees and other Managers.

This constant feedback loop he says has been crucial in helping him maintain a productive, happy workforce where everyone has a voice, and can chime in with their own words of encouragement.

Q: What were you using before Branch?

A:* We were trying GroupMe before, but I didn’t like how everything was jumbled together in the chat and hard to locate. Branch seemed to organize functions pretty well and separate features for easy access like a separate tab for schedules, and a separate tab for chats.

Q: What did you find most useful in the app?

A: I post a lot in the Activity Feed, as I know everyone will see it. I wanted to keep employees motivated and aware of where we stand as a store. I also wanted to push them to give their best.

Q: Can you give us some examples?
A: Yeah, I post customer surveys/reviews, and results as a store to make sure everyone knows how they’re performing as a team. When I post team member results I see others congratulating and actually talking about it. It’s nice to see them interacting and complimenting coworkers.

Q: Did you see performance increase as a result of this?

A: Definitely, I see people smiling more and they want to be featured for the week. I focus on recognizing hard workers, who in turn push others to perform better.

Q: Are there any other tools, or products you’ve used to help you out at work?

A: I use excel often to create scorecards and performance charts, but I didn’t really get live feedback. It would mostly be static for viewing. Now I can see exactly how this results in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Q: If you had to sell Branch to another Manager how would you do it?

A: I actually showed it to my District Manager and he was crazy about it. What hooked me in was the on-boarding process, pretty easy to start using the app and get your employees on board. Regional channels would work great for our district as well, when more locations join.

We’re happy to find Managers like Tim that use Branch every day in their own unique way that works for their workforce, and we hope that his story can help more Managers unlock the potential of their workforce teams. Tell us about your experience at work with Branch! Email us at