It seems like technology hasn’t reached all industries, which is the case with retail franchise groups. These are not my words. I am paraphrasing Nate Rovenolt, our proud tech manager at Planet Fitness who relies on Branch Messenger basically every day (he’s also our self-assigned new feature tester!).

Nate has been with us since primordial phase and is curious to see other stores from his franchise group using the Enterprise version of Branch.

“It was annoying to have to call each person individually to spread a simple message, broadcasting in the Activity Feed or in chat groups was perfect for me,” says Nate.

Q: What brought you to Branch Messenger?

A: I was sick of calling each of my employees one by one to pass on simple messages and updates. The whole process was just a hassle and I couldn’t understand why I was still doing that way.

Q: And what have you been using most in the app?

A: As a General Manager, I use it for monitoring. I go in the app once a day to check the activity and talk to people. Communicating by groups was a game changer for me.

Q: Are you that type of person who can’t live without your phone?

A: All the time, on and off work. It’s funny to see how now I can use it for managing and personal stuff. Why not tap to accept/reject a shift trade compared to multiple phone calls often in the worst times of the day?

Q: Do you see your employees communicating more amongst themselves?

A: Definitely, and that’s something I’ve tried creating since I got here. I wanted people closer together, and I’ve noticed how they’re talking and laughing more with one another. It’s as if I’ve finally managed to get this sweet work environment.

Q: What would you says was the best thing Branch solved in your life?

A: Stress…

If you’re a manager like Nate, we want to hear how your experience at work has changed with Branch! Email us at