Our spotlight this week is Keiran Griffiths, General Manager and Operating Partner of two Domino’s Pizza located in Whistler, Canada. Keiran, just like many of us, relies on his phone for both personal and work-related matters. With Branch Messenger “my store is at an arms reach away, and I can easily talk to anyone at any time”.

He acknowledges that talking about weekly schedules is a pain that everyone goes through and just takes too much time. He loves the fact that employees don’t worry about minor issues that hinder productivity anymore – “They can post a shift to be covered and go right back to what they were doing”.

Q: How was communication before Branch?

A: Absolutely awful, it was a terrible experience that everyone went through. Having the headache of making and ensuring scheduling was followed by employees took too much of my time and patience.

Q: And what did you find most useful in the app?

A: Distribution of the schedule, no doubt. With Branch I can distribute the schedule for everyone in a few minutes. Before it was all paper, printed and posted on the wall. Many employees wouldn’t see it if they weren’t in on the day and would miss shifts and updates.

Q: What would you say was the best thing Branch solved for you?

A: I call people a lot, and again, that takes time. The cool thing about Branch is how easily I can group message or text an individual. The two-step shift swap helped my employees’ lives a lot. They don’t have to turn their focus on finding a person to swap and then let me know. They’ll post and we can all see it. I guess stress has dramatically decreased, and that was one of the best things that Branch has positively affected.

Q: Did you notice any difference in the store’s work environment?

A: Communication has improved huge amounts and I see people more engaged with each other and their jobs. We can focus on what matters instead of letting the small stuff impact our flow in store. We reduced time talking about scheduling every day to once or twice a week. Swapping shifts in hospitality is common and a lot of stress.

Q: If you had to justify this product to another business owner or manager, how would you do it?

A: An easy sell for a business owner is that it is going to save you time, and that’s what it comes down to. Scheduling changes are a big part of a manager’s responsibility and something that took 10 hours a week can now be done in 2-4 hours. The world is moving towards tech and people are each time more and more on their phone. Employees and owners often disagree on matters (laughs), but we’re on the same page with this. It’s a seamless transition of paper schedule to adopting the app.

Keiran is a great Manager that is motivated to provide the best medium to his employees. If you know someone like Keiran, or have an experience you want to share, email us at hi@branchmessenger.com!