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Branch Looks Back: Our Top Customer Stories From 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to look back and share some of our favorite stories from Branch. For the next week, we’ll be sharing our most popular stories from not only our work to change the world of hourly work, but also the stories that have impacted the future of work.
Whether it’s the front lines at a fast casual establishment or flying 35,000 feet in the sky, we’re constantly amazed and excited to learn about the many ways that people are using Branch to enable exemplary customer service, higher levels of engagement, and improved productivity.

These insights are teaching us a lot about how America (and beyond) is working. And, it’s no surprise that the world of work is changing rapidly.

In the last year, we’ve built Branch into something much more than a scheduling app. From auto scheduling and shift flexibility to in-app team communication and instant payments, we’re constantly evaluating how work is changing to build products that enhance productivity for the hourly workforce.

Here’s a look at our top customer stories and how a number of industries and verticals have been able to take advantage of Branch features to work better and smarter.

How Branch Keeps Panera Bread Baking
In the quick-paced world of fast casual restaurants, speed is just a fraction of the equation.

Now, more than ever, customer engagement and swift technological solutions -- baked into front and back of house operations, as well as the consumer’s pocket -- are more important than ever. Here's how Branch has helped provide front-of-house solutions for hourly workers as Panera looks to embrace technology to bring faster, more personalized service to customers.

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How Branch Keeps Unilever Churning
Just like any other sector dedicated on hourly labor, distribution centers are finding it challenging to recruit and retain workers. Low unemployment rates, a host of economic variables and changing workforce dynamics are forcing warehouse HR managers to up their game. Financial investment in employees in the form of hourly wages, while still pivotal in the hiring process, is just as important as the perks offered by employers and the environment employees work in.

The entire fulfillment and distribution chain has seen radical changes in wake of online retailers and next-day delivery. Here's how Branch has helped Unilever's operations.

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More Than Coffee: How Starbucks Uses Branch to Deliver an Experience
Branch has become a platform that has helped take away some of the biggest pain-points of hourly and full-time employees at the Seattle-based coffee retailer: Scheduling.

Here's how Branch helps support Starbucks' employees to work productively and deliver exceptional customer service.

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More Than Slurpees: How 7-Eleven is Conquering Digital
Fast casual restaurants aren't the only ones who are betting big on technology.

In an era when retailers are increasingly expected to become more digital -- to embrace the ethos of technology and to operate more like a software company -- 7-Eleven is doing just that, too.

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How Best Buy’s Bet on ‘Employee First’ Helped Engineer a Turnaround
In customer service circles, employee engagement leads to strength in team solidarity -- a critical component to a brand that can help satisfy its customers with exceptional customer experience.

For Best Buy, the biggest part of better training and engaging in-store associates has helped as the electronics retailer has completed a triumphant metamorphosis from a “showroom” retailer. Would-be customers would use Best Buy’s ample locations to scout out merchandise and even lean on associates to help answer questions -- only to leave and pursue the product online.

We talked to a handful of Best Buy associates who are leading the efforts to turn around Best Buy. As part of the store’s efforts to focus on engagement, they also have had a big impact on helping turn the tide of retail industry’s biggest concerns: Turnover.

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How Branch Improves Scheduling Pain Points for American Airlines Flight Attendants
At any given moment, the skies above you see many airlines criss-crossing their way across the country. On average, there are more than 70,000 daily flights. Scheduling the crews remains a big challenge.

We spoke to a number of flight attendants from other cities outside Chicago and the consensus was that having a digital tool (in app or web form), that could help bridge the digital divide from the paper-based scheduling world that many airline schedules live in, the better.

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How Branch Helps Feed Fast Casual Success for Panda Express
Fast casual is becoming one of the most popular segments of America’s massive restaurant industry worth approximately $799 billion in sales a year and employing 14.7 million employees at more than 1 million locations across the country.

We spoke to a variety of Panda Express associates about how Branch has helped them alleviate some of the daily challenges they may face, from scheduling and shift-swapping, to staying motivated and helping ensure customers receive food exceptionally fast, delivered with exemplary customer service.

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