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β›· β›Έ πŸ‚ πŸ… An Omnichannel Olympics

🏈 The Bold North After Super Bowl 52

πŸ‘‘ Ruling Over the 'Wonderful' Empire

πŸ’Ώ What will Become of the CD?

πŸ‘€ Tends that will Define Retail Tech in 2018

πŸ™ From Rust Belt Anonymity to Potential Amazon HQ2

News ⚑️

β›· β›Έ πŸ‚ πŸ… An Omnichannel Olympics | Via: Pymnts

Looks like the U.S. Olympics has reached the podium in pop-up fever!

For the first time, Olympics merchandise will be for sale at two pop-up locations -- one of them outside the United States Olympics Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The other location will be in prime territory at 610 Rockefeller Center, mere feet away from NBC, Olympic sponsor, and broadcast partner.

🍎 🍊 πŸ§€ ➑🏑 A Prime Time for Grocery Delivery | Via: Techcrunch

Immediately after Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, questions began to sprout up about how exactly the markets would fit into the online and delivery fold.

Today, that's become a lot clearer. If you're a Prime Now customer living in one of four markets β€” Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach β€” you now have access to free two-hour deliveries of products when you spend over $35. If you need it, like, RIGHT NOW, they will feature an πŸš€ "ultra-fast" one-hour option for an additional fee of $7.99.

πŸŽ‰ Bold North Party Continues Long After 🏈 Super Bowl 52 | Via: Bloomberg


From Olympics to Super Bowls, massive movable and temporary sporting events tend to thrust their particular host city into the spotlight. From the selection process to the closing ceremonies, the media track every movement of these places with tales of construction crews working overtime to assemble facilities to the millions of tourists and sports fans that visit.

We got to experience this personally as our Shiftonomics HQ is within eyesight of U.S. Bank Stadium. For the past year, the city has been making adjustments and undertaking construction projects designed to make our city attractive and navigable. For the past few months, crews were busy working to ensure the final touches were put into place to accommodate the nearly one million fans who poured into the city to witness the Eagles beat the heavily-favored Patriots.

But, now that the event has ended, there is a renewed sense of urgency to use this spotlight to alert the world that the 'Bold North' is here to stay and that now is the time to visit.

The Big Idea πŸ€”

πŸ‘‘ Ruling Over the 🍊 'Wonderful' Empire [Long Read] | Via: California Sunday


Wheat kings, cattle kings, and rail barons. California has had its share of the titans who have lorded over some of the most important industries that have grown to define the American identity.

Today, one of those titans is Stewart Resnick. That's a name you're unlikely to be familiar with because until now, he's remained out of the spotlight. Journalist and reporter Marc Arax explores the story of California's biggest farmer. His empire consists of 120,000 acres of almonds, pomegranates, pistachios and citrus covering a massive swath of America's fruit basket -- the San Joaquin Valley.

Resnick also controls the Wonderful Company, purveyors of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice and Wonderful Halo mandarin oranges.

This long-form read from California Sunday is a fascinating look at how the Resnick family has built the Wonderful brand while navigating around the tricky issues of water control during the heights of California's drought. It's a narrative that dives into the inner-workings of California's industrial farming and it's reliance on water.

From Rust Belt Anonymity to Potential Amazon HQ: Exploring the Rapid Rise of Indianapolis | Via: Curbed

Now that Amazon has short-listed a number of finalists that will soon welcome Amazon HQ2, there's been plenty of time for media and news organizations to comb through every angle for the remaining cities. Amongst the surprises were cities like Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis has now stepped into the very public spotlight as 20 American cities duke it out to have their futures drastically changed. Curbed explores how the challenges and changes facing Indianapolis are helping position the city to face an Amazon future.

πŸ“Ή πŸŽ™Our First Webinar Was a Hit! [Full Transcript] | Via: Shiftonomics

We had a blast with our first-ever Shiftonomics webinar! Ryan Broshar, Managing Director of Techstars joined our own Taylor Pipes to chat about how in-store experiences and personalization were changing the retail game. You can read the entire transcript of our discussion here.

Heard Around The Web πŸ’¬

🚚 What Trucking Predicts About Future of Work | Via: Washington Post


It's amazing what we can glean from one industry about another.

While automation continues to advance the world of work at a blistering pace, the trucking industry is one that continues to be a sub-plot in a fascinating narrative about the future of work. As questions linger about how industry and work will change and the human (or robotic) capital that will help achieve goals, trucking continues to plug forward despite movement with self-driving trucking.

Uber recently released a study arguing that millions of driver jobs will survive well into the future and that the spread of driverless trucks may actually stimulate the need for more β€” not fewer β€” drivers.

Trucking is a complicated industry, one that features cumbersome technological hurdles for self-driving technology including navigating urban cores and backing up into challenging loading docks. Uber predicts the industry may be broken into two segments, where drivers are featured in local, urban routes and the self-driving component is featured on the lengthy and tiring swaths of interstate systems that link cities together.

πŸ‘€ Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 | Via: Ryan Broshar Personal Blog

Ryan Broshar, Managing Director of Techstars recently discussed how in-store experience will impact the future of retail tech with us in our Shiftonomics Webinar.

He published a post on his blog further expanding on these topics and included his top trends to keep a look out for in 2018. From customer service to social media, here are the trends you'll want to explore this year.

**πŸ’Ώ Saying Goodbye to the CD? | Via: Digital Trends

Is the compact disc going the way of the Doo, 8-track, and the tape?

This week, Best Buy may have issued a death blow in an era that was rapidly seeing it's end come to fruition. With the dominance of smart phones and digital music-streaming services, the legacy of compat discs is reaching it's final track. Best Buy will phase out sales of CDs by July 1, 2018. Following suit, Target

This week brought news that all but marks the end of an era in the world of recorded music. Best Buy, one of the last big-box electronics chain stores still in business, will be phasing out all CD sales by July 1, 2018. Target is expected to make a similar move, leaving Walmart, Amazon, and a host of could-be collectors and independent shops to be the last bastion of compact disc purveyors. Who knows, perhaps the value of certain imprints could open up new avenues for collectors or desirable must-haves for the nostalgia-prone.