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🤖 AI Could Create 60,000 Jobs by 2020
⚡️ Insta-Shopping
📸 Kodak Develops Clothing Line
🎄 Higher Wages, Paid Time Off Lures Seasonal Retail Employees
🍝 Noodles Announces New Maternity Leave Policy
😍 Most Satisfying Jobs
💸 Introducing Branch Pay

News ⚡️

🤖 AI Could Create 60,000 Jobs by 2020
We hear it all the time: AI will take away meaningful jobs.

But, there are some indications that AI could also help create them. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, while AI could erase or displace 75 million jobs, more than 133 million new roles could emerge -- equivalent to about 58-60 million new jobs that come online around 2020.

The thing to watch will be the formatting of new roles in the area of location, quality, and whether they'll be remote, full-time, temporary, or if those classifications disappear altogether.

🎓Learn more about the report's findings at CNBC.

90 million users tap tags within Instagram to track down things they want to buy.

Scroll --> Profile --> Profile --> Profile --> Scroll --> Tap, Tap, Tap

Now, Instagram has changed the laborious way people are able to purchase things through the social network. A smart move considering that millions of influencers are showcasing goods to legions of intent-driven consumers.

Now, these consumers can buy stuff directly from its popular 'Stories' and features tabs. This is huge news for retailers. Instagram has been like a dormant retail volcano waiting to explode. It's a monster in the world of influence, but now it's going to be an important cog in the gears of discovery, intent, purchase, and delivery.

"Instagram is a place where you discover new things, brands, destinations for travel and furniture," said Jonah Berger, a marketing and social influence expert at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. "The challenge at the moment is that discovery is happening, but Instagram isn't necessarily getting credit."

👀 Read about the Instagram updates at CNN.

📸 Kodak Develops Clothing Line
Kodak was nearly ruined by the advent of smartphone cameras.

Now, the iconic photography brand is hoping to share its story with the legions of young fans who are the least likely to develop film.

In a bid to remain cool with the youths, Kodak is printing the playbook written by both Fuji and Polaroid by dipping into the clothing market.

Kodak announced Thursday that it will partner with fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 for a 26-piece collection — T-shirts, crop tops, jackets, loungewear, polos, and sweatshirts.

🤔Read more about Kodak's transition strategy from Vox.

The Big Idea 🤔

🎄 Higher Wages, Paid Time Off Lures Seasonal Retail Employees
How desperate are retailers to hire for the upcoming holiday surge?

Turns out, they're paying people to take time off.

J.C. Penney part-timers can get a single week off (not during the holidays, however), while Target and Walmart are rolling out new bonus programs and wage increases. Some are even offering profit-sharing. This is all part of the competitive environment retailers must operate in while acquiring talent for America's busiest shopping season during record-low unemployment.

ℹ️ Read more about how retailers will acquire seasonal talent to ramp up for the holiday surge at The Wall Street Journal.

🍝 Noodles Announces New Maternity Leave Policy
In a rare move, Noodles & Company, the Broomfield, Colo., fast-casual chain announced a newly-revamped maternity leave policy.

The so-called “phase-out, phase-in” program, which starts Jan. 1, 2019, allows expectant and postpartum mothers to work an 80 percent schedule the four weeks before and the four weeks after maternity leave.

Employees who qualify will still get full-pay, acting as a nice buffer that helps mothers handle the transition from pregnancy, motherhood, and return to work. Eligible employees also receive six weeks paid maternity leave.

The perk is available to employees with the titles of “assistant general manager” and above, the company said.

📖 Read more in Nation's Restaurant News.

👗Brands Using Amazon As Outlet
Brands are moving one step closer to shedding their reluctance to sell on the platform. J. Crew, for example, recently rolled out an Amazon store for its lower-priced Mercantile label in a move that marked a shift away from a previous reluctance to do so, with its former CEO last year saying it wouldn’t sell on Amazon because Amazon “owns” the customer and could easily put best-selling items into its own private label collection.

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😍 Most Satisfying Jobs
What is it that makes you happy at your job?

Is it money? Vacation? Vocation? Or, is it corner office and the professional title?

For many of us, it's not any of these.

Not everyone loves their work. In fact, a 2017 study found that only 50% of people are satisfied with how they spend their days. Even worse, this number has dropped more than 10% since its peak in the late-’80s.

There's plenty of roles we can look to that are more 'satisfying' than others. The University of Chicago published a study that shows which professions are at the top:

⛪️ Clergy

🚒 Firefighters

🏋🏽 Physical Therapists

🎨 Painters and Sculptors

🏫 Teachers

📝 Authors

😍 Read about the top characteristics of a satisfying job in Fast Company.

💸 Introducing Branch Pay
When we built Branch, our goal was to build a workforce management solution that addressed the needs of today’s hourly worker while also helping large enterprises meet the growing demands of staffing, management and employee engagement.

It’s become very clear to us, however, that the two-week pay period simply doesn’t work for the modern hourly worker. According to our own research and data, there’s a dire need for employee’s access to their cash flow: 70 percent of hourly employees had borrowed money from friends and family in the last three months and over 75 percent were incurring hefty overdraft fees to help deal with unexpected expenses.

That’s why we’re transforming the antiquated and inefficient payroll process. Last week, we introduced Branch Pay, our real-time earning technology.

📆✅Register for our webinar to learn more about how companies and employees can use Branch Pay.

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