We interviewed two CVS employees from two separate stores. One works in the pharmacy part of the store, which is also where the Branch app is currently being used, while the other manages an entire store where the Branch app is currently being used with employees in the front of the store.

Marisa Montecino is an Inventory Specialist in a CVS pharmacy. She has been with the company for 4 years. Currently, she, 2 pharmacists, and 7 technicians use Branch at her location.

The main reason they initially downloaded the Branch app was for the ability to swap shifts and request time off. Since using Branch, it has been a lot easier to do these things. For the lead tech, it has been easier for her to keep up with requests and see schedules.

“It is very simple and quick. You just put in your request and the manager, for the most part, takes care of the request. It is easier to go into Branch instead of the old way we used of posting the time off on a manager’s door.”

Marisa’s favorite part of Branch is being able to see the schedule at all times. Before Branch, employees could only access their schedules at work. Branch has made it a lot easier to see shifts. She likes that she can now see who she will be working with during a shift. She also likes that you can chat with your coworkers in the app if you don’t have their phone numbers.

Charles Turner is a Store Manager at a CVS store. He has been with the company for 18 months. Currently, 8 employees from his store are using Branch.

Employees at the store started using Branch before he started at the location. He is now using Branch because the old manager passed it on to him.

Charles likes that he receives notifications from the Branch app. “As a manager, what I like about it is the shift notifications. I like the convenience of having your schedule in your pocket”

Branch is helping employees at his store be more accountable for being at work at the correct time.

“As store managers, we have to do our schedules 3 weeks out in advance. Even with us doing schedules 3 weeks out in advance there’s always associates that tend to say they didn’t know what their schedule was. Basically as a manager I like that, because whenever I upload my schedule to Branch they can’t say they didn’t receive it.”

His employees are enjoying using Branch for viewing their schedules. “They like the convenience of it. If I don’t post it I’ll get text messages from them wanting to know where the schedule is.”

Charles finds it to be a very easy process to upload schedules to Branch. “All I have to do is write the schedule out, take a picture of it, post it to Branch, and I’m done. We are already busy as managers so that is one less thing.”

Branch makes it easy for Charles to push out messages that all associates must receive. “It saves a lot of time and hassle out of us having to relay the same message over and over to associates. The selling point is the convenience and ease of the app.”

Charles feels more secure that associates will be on time for their shifts. “I feel more secure with my schedule. I won’t run into issues where associates will try to deny their schedule. An associate can’t say I didn’t schedule them for that day and then they don’t show up.”