24 Hour Fitness in Orlando, Florida has been using Branch Messenger for two years. Originally downloaded by an old operations manager, all 25 employees at the location are now using Branch.

We interviewed Cesar Chavez, a store manager who has been with 24 Hour Fitness for two years.

Cesar primarily uses the shift swap and chat features of the Branch Messenger app.

Before using Branch, his location would print out the schedule and post it in the front of the store. Each employee would take a picture of their schedule on their phones. Oftentimes, employees would accidentally look at the wrong picture on their phone and come in at the wrong times. Because of this, managers needed to spend extra time tracking employees down and get shifts covered. If an employee wanted to switch shifts, they would call their manager to get approval. This was a difficult process because their manager wasn’t always available. Employees swapped shifts on a regular basis and would not notify their manager, which created operational issues. There was little communication with management before using Branch.

Swapping shifts went from hours to about 5 minutes once 24 Hour Fitness started using Branch.

At a gym, Cesar says, “people are always trying to rearrange their schedule”.

The messaging feature of Branch has been helpful for employees to talk to each other about work-related topics while the activity feed is used primarily for orchestrating an event or spreading a message to the whole team.

Cesar believes managers can especially benefit from using Branch if they have a large group of employees that they are in charge of because it helps them know what is going on. Managers who use Branch are able to better understand their employees and their scheduling needs. They no longer need to take time out for calls to make scheduling adjustments for their employees.

Other employees at the location like the convenience of the app. At gyms, employees primarily use their phones to communicate, so Branch is a good fit.